Sustainable Salon

We joined the sustainable salons program in 2018 because we care about the environment!

Sustainable salons have established a network of collectors, recyclers, manufacturers and distributors to make sure up to 75% of materials from salons are diverted from landfill. To fulfill this initiative, all salon treatments incur a $2 surcharge which enables the program to achieve the following:

  • Plastics are collected, cleaned and upcycled into new products.

  • All salon metals (including foil) and paper are sold for recycling, and the proceeds are donated to OzHarvest and KiwiHarvest to provide meals for hungry people.

  • Hair is collected from the salon floor and stuffed into stockings to make Hair Booms that can one day help clean up oil spills along our coastlines.

  • All collected ponytails 20cm or longer are distributed to charitable organisations to create wigs for those suffering from cancer or alopecia.

  • Chemicals are collected, pooled and sent to chemical recycling plants where they’re neutralised and turned into recycled water.

  • Select disposable hygiene products used during treatments are pulled apart and the materials are sent for repurposing.